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Residential, industrial meters, pulse transmitters, data transmission modules, etc. SENSUS.

More than 10 years NEW TECHNOLOGIES GROUP has been supplying apartment meters, ultrasonic meters, industrial turbine meters, house meters, pulse transmitters for water meters, pulse and data transmission modules. Our extensive expertise and using components from leading manufacturers is the main reason why the customers choose us.
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The international group Sensus Metering Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of water and heat meters, as well as system equipment that provides remote removal and transmission of readings. The plants included in the group are located in many countries of the world, including Germany and Slovakia.

    The international group Sensus Metering Systems has more than 100 years of experience in the production of water and heat metering devices.

    All manufactured products of Sensus Measuring Systems meet the international quality requirements of ISO 9001 and have quality certificates.

    The Sensus Metering Systems Group is a reliable leader in the production and production of devices for measuring the consumption of cold, hot water and thermal energy.

SENSUS catalog

Apartment meters, ultrasonic meters, industrial turbine meters, house meters, pulse transmitters for water meters, pulse and data transmission modules
  • Одноструйные счетчики SENSUS
    Одноструйные счетчики
    120, 120C, 820, M-T150 QN и др.
  • Многоструйные счетчики SENSUS
    Многоструйные счетчики
    405S, 620mc, AN90, MT50 QN и др.
  • Мокроходные счетчики воды SENSUS
    Мокроходные счетчики воды
    420, 420PC, Residia-Jet-C, XNP и др.
  • Системы съема показаний SENSUS
    Системы съема показаний
    SensusBase, SensusScout и др.
  • Частотные преобразователи SENSUS
    Частотные преобразователи
    FM-1DK, FM-2DK и др.
  • Промышленные счетчики воды SENSUS
    Промышленные счетчики воды
    MeiStream, MeiTwin, WPVD 150 и др.
  • Турбинные счетчики воды SENSUS
    Турбинные счетчики воды
    WP-Dynamic, WS-Dynamic и др.
  • Теплосчетчики SENSUS
    PolluCom E, PolluStat E, PolluTherm
  • Импульсные преобразователи SENSUS
    Импульсные преобразователи
    PadPuls M1, PadPuls M4L и др.
  • Передатчики импульсов SENSUS
    Передатчики импульсов
    HRI-Mei, M-Bus, RD и др.
  • Счетные механизмы SENSUS
    Счетные механизмы
    CDL, SensusBase Base-HP3

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